Green Gables

Green Gable #1 (pattern available for purchase here)

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Truffle (used just over 2 skeins)

Started May 29 and finished June 2, 2006

Comments: I made the size 34 and added 2 extra rows before removing the sleeve stitches. I also added shaping (after sleeves stitches removed, I knit 5 inches then decreased every 6th round 5 times, knit 10 rows even, then increased on the next and every 6th row 3 times before ribbing) and added 3 rows of stockinette to the sleeves before doing the ribbing. Even though there is wool in this yarn, I wore this sweater on a very hot day and was surprisingly comfortable. It wears very well.

Green Gable #2

Yarn: Wick by Knit One Crochet Too (6 skeins)

Started June 3 and Finished June 10, 2006

Comments: What can I say? I liked it so much I made it again. This time I added an extra stitch to the sleeve section as well as my previous modifications. The yarn is a little weird though. I never quite got over the feeling that I was knitting with plastic, even if there is soy in it. Also, the color pooled oddly. One of my friend's first comments on seeing this was "Hoochie Mama!". I've only worn it once.

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