Pattern: Gesta from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's "Hand Knitting Collection, Book No. 2" (Size 34)

Yarn: Noro Kocheran (color No. 1) Pattern called for 3 skeins, could have used only 2, but I dug into the third to match stripes on the right front after the center neck stitches were put on hold. Used size 10.5 needles.

Started October 25 and finished October 27, 2006.

Comments: This was a really fast and fun knit. The pattern was very simple, but is better suited for an intermediate knitter, only because it didn't write out the armhole instructions for the front - not even so much as a "and at the same time, decrease stitches at armhole edge as for back". As a result, I had to write it out myself to keep track.

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